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Four Reasons Why Any Tour to Israel Should Include the Dead Sea

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Surrounded by the beautiful landscape of the Negev Desert, the Dead Sea in Israel is known to be the lowest point on Earth. It is also known to be one of the most captivating places on the planet.

Its name, “Dead Sea”, gives a feeling of a dull, inert body of water that should be last on a vacationer’s list. However, when given a chance, it surpasses all expectations. Here are some of the reasons why your best private guided tour of Israel should include a visit to the Dead Sea.


Breathtaking beauty and an unforgettable experience


The Dead Sea is eight times saltier than any sea, which makes human bodies more buoyant than ever. The sensation you get floating in the dead sea is simply incredible, you just need to lean back, relax, and enjoy the ambiance of a true world wonder.


Therapeutic mud for your skin


The mud found on the seafloor is high in many minerals which makes a mud bath in the sea an absolutely therapeutic experience. There are also plenty of spas around the coast in case you are looking for the full spa experience.


A place rich in salt and even richer in history


The Dead Sea is almost three million years old. It is also believed to first be identified by Herod the Great. Cleopatra is also believed to have been a huge supporter of the health benefits of its waters and mud, and it has been discovered that the Egyptians used the blacktop it produced to help preserve their pharaohs.


A relaxing, undisturbed experience


The higher percentage of salt in the water makes it impossible for any plant to animal to live. Even though this makes the Dead Sea a fisherman’s nightmare, it also makes it the ideal place for travelers who hate the feeling of bizarre things brushing their legs in the water.


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